About Us

BN1 Cleaning Services was established to provide a totally customer focused, reliable and honest provider of cleaning services.

What makes us so special? Cleaning companies are ten a penny, it is an industry with low barriers to entry, anyone can clean. All this is true but in every business some companies stand above the crowd and this is down to what I term service integrity. Service is what the company provides but the key word is integrity. How these sometime, lets face it mundane or down right unpleasant cleaning services are delivered all comes down to the integrity of the agent delivering them. For integrity read attitude, honesty, and professionalism. I set up and run BN1 Cleaning Services with integrity in mind. I am here to deliver a great level of service by keeping true to my values of integrity.

Coming from a background of military service I bring a can do attitude and a will do commitment to the task. I am used to working in environments where simply not delivering on required task is not an option. When you hire BN1 Cleaning Services you get this commitment to your cleaning requirements and you can be assured we will deliver a high level of service in a professional and charming manner.

We are associate members of the NCCA and on the approved cleaning company list for several letting agencies. So if you are in a domestic, commercial or secure built environment needing a great cleaning service then please, make contact, we are here to serve you.