Your Domestic Environment


BN1 Cleaning Services will deploy its multi disciplinary force to provide a complete property clean.

Landlords & Tenants

Coming to the end of tenancy? Protect your deposit with our guaranteed clean, we will liaise with your letting agent to ensure the cleaning is up to standard and you won’t be stung by extra cleaning charges on vacating.

Landlords preparing your property for letting? BN1 Cleaning Services will bring your property up to the highest standards setting a bench mark that future tenants will need to meet on vacating.


Spring Cleans Any Time of the Year

Is your, or your loved ones house or flat looking a little less than it should? A clean living environment contributes to positive physical and mental health; so treat your home to a one hit wonder clean. We will transform your property whilst you are out, come home to a bright and tidy home, quite a good gift idea.


Need an emergency clean? Then contact our rapid response team, we will endeavor to get someone on site day or night.

Post Build

The brew cups have been returned and the builders have at last left- a mess. Before you can really start enjoying the results of the building works let BN1 Cleaning Services get to work and remove the dust and general matter associated with construction; carpets are particularly good at attracting and holding this soiling.

Anything We Have Missed

Got a cleaning or maintenance requirement not covered then get in contact, if we cannot do it we will say so and do our best to find a professional who can help you.

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